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Welcome to Art Fair Productions
We bring our quality management and promotions for the creation of a fine art-based fair and festival circuit that will bring significant numbers of the buying public to locales throughout the Maritimes.  One of our strategies is to marry fine art with fine wine, as to date we have decided to hold our events on the grounds of some of our fine wineries.  Our intent is to improve the lot of all involved in this endeavor.  This includes:
  •  Artists who retain 100% of their sales at our events.  We provide the marketing and the management that lead to significant numbers of the buying public to attend.  Events are held on a single day to minimize expenses for artists.  Monetary awards are presented to roughly 5% of our participants.  All efforts are geared to improving the profitibility of our fine Maritime artists.
  • Communities and their businesses near our events realize the side benefit of the increased traffic, both by the participants and the public that attend our events.
  • Musicians are provided with a venue where they can develop a greater following.  
  • Restaurateurs can showcase one of their specialties and build their customer base and their brand through their participation in our events.  
  • Lastly, the buying public benefits from the ability to see a large amount of quality art, sample good food and hear new music in one location.  Every artist is available to discuss their work, their inspiration, or to share insights into their technique.  
Those who participate or attend our events come away with positive memories from the ease of a well-run event. Our goal is to bring those of common interests together and to this end we endeavor to continuously improve the participant and attendee experiences.

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