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We endeavour to help artists become as profitable as possible.  Our belief is that art fairs provide a superior opportunity to market fine art to the buying public in a compressed sales cycle.  To this end, we work to provide complimentary products to enable artists to realize greater success in these events. 

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:
10x10 EZ-up style aluminum framed tent, with four sidewalls, anchor stakes, roller bag storage.  
These grids, when attached to the frame of your canopy tent, provide a solid serface for the hanging of 2D art.
Our goal is to assist you in creating profit with your art. 

To that end, we provide many options that enhance the visibility and saleability of your creations.
Canopy Tent Pricing 

New Canopy Tent Purchase: $325

Used Canopy Tent Purchase: $250

Canopy Tent Rental: $85 per event
Rigid Grid Pricing 

Purchase at $10 per grid 

Purchase 3 grids for $25

​Rent at $5 per grid per event
Rigid A-Frame Grid Pricing 

Purchase at $150 per frame

Rent at $40 per event​

Rigid A-Frame Grids
These grids provide additional line-of-sight shelving for 2D art.  Each A-frame grid comes with twelve hanging baskets.