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Art Fair Management
Bring an art fair to your community.  AFP provides an entire array of services for you, from artist solicitation, food services, musical performers, and all support services necessary to create a quality event.  

Price: TBD
Art Fair Productions Services
AFP provides an array of services all geared to getting the public in front of the best Maritime art.  While we will consider any venue, we specialize in placing art fairs in vineyards where we believe in the benefits of pairing fine wine with fine art.  
Art Fair Marketing
Get your event noticed!  AFP creates a full web presence, creates and distributes appropriate marketing materials, and creates ad materials for a successful advertising campaign.  AFP marketing gets the public to your event!  We will work with your organization to secure grant funding to support your event.  

Price: TBD
Website Creation & Hosting
Artists who lack a web presence are missed by the buying public.  AFP will provide a basic four-page website and will also provide the hosting for a site that will allow much greater visibility for these artists.  This service allows for a nominal set of changes at each annual renewal.  

Price: Basic creation price $600, Annual hosting $60